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"Great is the Lord almighty and most worthy of praise!" Psalm 48:1. This is an exciting time for the family here at Newburgh as the Lord is blessing us! I praise God for the way in which you all allow Him to use you. I want to take this moment to especially thank you for bringing to worship a heart that is ready to meet Jesus. Each time we meet together serves only to strengthen the body and bring glory and honor to the Father for all that He has done.

But as we go through the week and Monday night turns into Wednesday ball games and we've had it up to here with work where is worship? Or where is Jesus? We need to realize that worship doesn't start with the first song and end with the song of encouragement. Remember that God seeks our continual praise. John 4:24 says "Worship God in spirit and truth." Do we really think this just means when we decide to make worship official? Paul says, "Pray without ceasing." I'm convinced that God seeks to be in constant contact with His children.

God's children. Just imagine your children not speaking with you for an entire day even though they inhabit your house. What kind of feeling would that produce? Would you be angry, sad or maybe just confused? Here you've done so much for them. You've provided a safe place to live, food and nourishment, clothes, you name it! What right do they have to...I think you're getting the picture. In 2nd Peter 1God promises to provide everything we need for life and godliness according to His own glory and goodness. We've definitely got reason to praise.

Paul in Ephesians encourages us to be "filled with the Spirit" and the command is given to "speak to one another with psalms hymns and spiritual songs". Great! Now we know how to conduct a part of our worship time! The verse does not stop there; it continues to say, "always giving thanks to the Father for everything, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ." We must expand our worship time to all the time. Think on Romans 12:1, and our lives as a "spiritual act of worship."

It's a daily struggle and challenge to let God into all of my life. There are things I do that I wish He didn't see. Please join me in a life that attempts to give all things as praise to the Father and a life intent on building up the body of Christ.

By our lips, our service, and our lives we worship the Lord God Almighty. Worship is a key, dynamic component of The Newburgh Church Family.

- Tracy Hayford 

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